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at 8 months
Foot over wing
Channel surfin'
Neo is a yellow collar macaw, a mini macaw, really.  He's not as big as the more popular macaws like the blue and gold or the scarlet or green wing, but he's still big enough to give a good hard bite!  I bought Neo not long after I started working at Petsmart in Dickson City, PA near Scranton.  He was a baby hand fed then and he's now about 3 1/2 years old in 2007.....and he still bites!  His vocabulary consists of his name...."NEEE-O!", "Lo" (hello), "MAMMA!!" and "Good boy!" (after he poops on me)
He's got this thing where he likes to shove his foot and leg under his wing and then out and over it.  He just stands there like that for a while and when he gets bored, he'll dig in his own ear!
The dog's think he's the best friend they have because he throws his fruity food chunks to them.  Actually, he's usually just pissed at them and he's really throwing the food AT them, but they don't know that!
This little creature is Kirby.  He's a grey cheeked parrakeet and is the third who's been a member of the Dragonflyte household.
Chickens and Turkeys
Tom Turkey
Sara and Tom
Tom, Tilly and Barred Rock chickens
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