Week Three
Jack got a new collar.   In keeping with the "Pirates" theme, he got a black collar with skulls and crossbones....well, actually they're crossed swords, but it just screams PIRATE!!
For those who might be interested, I got the collar, (as I do almost all of my collars), from www.furrybabyfashions.com
They have HUNDREDS of patterns and fabrics and the price is right too!
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Jack has shown his true pirate colors!  On a Saturday about three weeks after his arrival, he started feeling really comfortable in our house.  And I was feeling rather comfortable around him as well.  So comfortable, in fact, that I let my guard down. 
Tip:  NEVER let your guard down around a pirate!

I was quite pleased with myself for buying a $15, five pound roast and had cooked it to perfection!  I took it out of the oven and set it on top of the stove to cool enough to carve.   My other dogs, "the old timers" are fairly trustworthy so I went into another room to do something else while the roast cooled without a second thought.
When I went back into the kitchen to check on the roast, it was GONE!!!
I didn't want to unjustly accuse anyone, so I went around opening all the big dog's mouths and sniffing for the telltale aroma of beef breath.  When I got to Jack, he still had grease on his beard!  I pointed my finger in his face and shouted, "IT WAS YOU!!!!"  Then, "I....YOU.....OH......I COULD...YOU SON OF A...AAARRGH!"  The whole time I was yelling at him he was looking up at me and wagging and grinning as if to say, "But DUDE!  It was sooooooo good!"
When Teresa, his breeder called later that day, I told her the story of the missing roast.  Through the entire telling of my story, she laughed hysterically!  Then she said, "Well, it WAS your fault!  Why did you leave it out for him like that?"  I told her, "Yeah I was thinking that the whole time I was yelling at him!!!"  But he did pay for it.  Two days of diarrhea for Jack the pirate and my revenge was complete!
Another funny Jack story happened about a week later.  I had been busy all day making Polish Lasagna, a dish made like a giant pierogie with lasagna noodles.  (This time I put it out of reach of the thieving pirate.)
But I had used cream cheese for the recipe and had an empty container to throw away.  Usually I hold something like that out to the dogs and whoever grabs it first gets to lick out the sides and then I throw it away.  So since Jack was hanging out with me in the kitchen I held it out for him.  He started licking it and I said, "Take it Jack.  I'm not going to stand here all day while you lick this!"  He didn't move to take it, so I pushed it toward him.  I guess I pushed a little too hard because it got stuck on the end of his nose!  Instead of trying to knock it off with a paw, (like a normal dog) Jack decided, "Well, since it's already here, I'll just lick it clean!"  And there he stood, "lick, lick, lap, lap" until the whole thing was clean!"  What a dog!!!
Never a dull moment in this house!
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Jack's buddy-Deisel and Deisel's new collar!