You'd never think it to look at Jack at rest, but inside beats the heart of a lion! 
And when there's a puppy in the house, a guy can only take so much before he snaps!
Branwyn, the lurcher puppy, was about six months old when I was writing this and has become a major pain to Jack (and almost everyone else in the house!)  But for some reason, she's decided that Jack is her very own personal punching bag!  She does her best to try to get her whole head right down Jack's throat and for the most part, he tolerates her until I can't stand to see it any more and I call her off.  This day, she started in on him, and he was such a good boy for so long and I finally said, "JACK!  JUST BITE HER!  Then maybe she'll leave you alone!" 
All of a sudden, his lips curled back and he started play growling at her!  She jammed her nose in his mouth!  He gnawed gently on her face for a while and then they REALLY started to play!  The following are pix of that play "battle".
Jack's breeder, Teresa, told me when I adopted him from her that Ibizan Hounds will watch all the other dogs settle down in their places of rest and then they will cram themselves into whatever space there is left.  Jack proved that to me one night at home.

One night, during his ever lasting search for the most comfortable spot in the house, Jack finally set his eye on Loki's little futon bed.  It's a tiny little chair that folds out to a tiny little bed.  Meant for puppies Loki's size.....about 10 to 20 pounds. 
NOT a 70 pound behemoth Beezer!!!
I guess after a few clicks of the shutter, Jack found the whole picture taking process a bit dull.