Inside of Sy's right hind thigh when swelling started.
Right leg second day.
Both legs involved.  Sy now taking Clavamox, Ceflexin and Lasix.
Swelling gone completely by fourth day.  Right leg began swelling again three days later.
By January 30, 2003, Sy's right leg swelled so much it split in two places and was bleeding.  January 31, he stopped eating and could not stand without help.  I made the decision to help him to the bridge that night.  Some time during the day, he decided to save me the heartache of holding him while he crossed over and he left on his final journey quietly alone.
Boligee Sy
April 27, 1991 ~ January 31, 2003
Rhabdomyosarcomas are malignant tumors derived from striated muscle cells.