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Zimmie has progressed quite a bit since he came here in January.  He went to work with me several times, but is still really shy and may never get much better since he was never socialized as a puppy.  But he does well in the grooming salon.  My friend Lisa, who also owns Cresteds is the head groomer at Petsmart and let me bring him in a couple of times to let the student groomers "practice" on him.  The following picture was his first professional grooming.  Linda, the student who did such a beautiful job on him, asked me, "How do you like the "boy bow" I put on him?"
I told her, "You can call it anything you like, but it's STILL a bow!"  She told me, "Don't you take that out!"  I answered, "It won't be me!"
I had him home exactly 20 minutes before the other dogs ripped it right off of his head!!!  LOL

This was several months later after his coat grew back.  Isn't he one hunka-hunka puppy?
This was after I decided I didn't want to brush and cut out mats in his coat every single day.  Auntie Lisa took care of this job personally!  No more students for Zimmie!
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