Patches and the Killer Barrel
PetsMart had a special deal on a 7 lb barrel of gravy basted Milkbones, so I bought one.  Last week, one day the dogs must have gotten a hold of the barrel because about 1/4 of them were gone and so was the lid.  I guess Sara caught them before they ate the whole thing!
Then three days ago Sara and I came home and Sara said to me from the dining room, "Mom!  Come here and look at your dog!"
There was Patches (Of all of them it was 11 YO PATCHIE!) standing in the middle of the room wearing the nearly empty Milkbone barrel over her head!  Fortunately for her it was a clear plastic barrel and she could see where she was going.
She was glaring at me from inside the barrel while I was laughing myself so silly I nearly fell over!  I laughed so hard I never even thought of taking a picture until I had popped it off of her head!  I was laughing and saying, "It serves you right you old fool!  You are gonna be SO sick after eating almost all of those bones!"  (There was about two left.)  I guess she couldn't reach those! LOLOL  Of course she had the last laugh as she woke me up frantically at 4 in the morning NEEDING to go out.....NOW!  RIGHT NOW!!!

Sara and I went grocery shopping tonight.  When we came home, well, guess who didn't learn a lesson?  Hint:  It wasn't me!
That's right!  She did it a second time!!  This time I got the camera ready!

<---- Note: Leonor's tongue.
Note: Look on Patchie's face --->
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