Whelped: August 5, 1996
Gotcha : June 19, 1999
Bridge: January 27, 2009
Sire: Richard Hale
Dam: LuAnn
This is our Norry or "Crazeeee Leonor!"  Leonor, I'm convinced, was sent to us by Geno after he crossed to the bridge.  I was despondant when Geno left us so quickly and unexpectedly.  I called my rep Ann Whitney and asked her if I could adopt my then foster, Maggie.  Maggie was a beautiful young, chocolate brindle girl and as I told Ann, I had a brindle hole in my heart that NEEDED to be filled.
  I was shocked, hurt and dismayed when Ann said, "No.  I won't let you keep her."  But then her wisdom finally broke through my cloud of dispair.  She said, "Maggie is young, a somewhat unusual color and a female.  There are a lot of people willing to adopt such a dog.  There are a other dogs out there who NEED you.  Besides, it's too soon after Geno.  You'll know when the right dog is there."
  About a month later, Ann called and said that there was a dog she would like me to foster.  She was a return and no one else could take her right now.  It seemed that the couple who adopted Leonor, didn't know how to handle Leonor's unusual personality and weak bowel.  She had terrible diarrhea and they "tried everything" to cure it.
  I agreed and at the end of the conversation, Ann added, "You know...if you decide to keep this one, I'll understand."  I didn't know what she meant at the time, but a couple of days later.....
  Leonor was brindle...just like Geno, she rooed...just like Geno, she was silly...just like Geno, she had an overbite...just like Geno and she had stand up ears... just like Geno!
     After a couple of trips to my vet and a few different medications, we decided together that she must have a nervous tummy, or irritable bowel syndrom.  As soon as we decided that Leonor's problem was simply stress, we removed all stress from her daily life and the problem was solved.
Leonor, since she came, has given us so many happy memories and moments of laughter that I can't see life without her now.  And she loves to wear .....HATS!
She has hats for all occasions!
  She has also been a certified Pet Therapy Dog with TDI and has had her Canine Good Citizens Certificate for almost two years.  She often visits  a Childrens Hospital and a State Hospital and everyone loves Leonor.

   While attending a Meet & Greet near Reading, PA, with two of my other Greyhounds and my Daughter, I saw a man standing with a dog, the same color as Leonor.  I walked over to the dog and said hello.  As he looked up at me, I was shocked to see Leonor's face staring back at me!  I exclaimed, "You look JUST like my Leonor!"
His owner turned and said, "His sister's name is Leonor!"
  "M's Leonor?"
  "This is M's Tom Cruise!"
  "When was he born?"
  "In August of 96!"
Then he asked, "Do her ears stand up?"
  "Yes!  They do!"
"Does she roo?"
  "Why yes!  SHE DOES!"
  "Is she just a little goofy?"
  "Oh my God!  It's Leonor's brother!!!!!"
  That was the day the Dragonflyte family found an extended family in the Diberardino's of Quakertown, PA.
  The next summer, Tommy's parents agreed to attend my adoption groups annual reunion picnic and bring Tommy so that he could be reunited with his sister.  It was a happy day!

  Leonor also has the best sense of humor I've ever seen in a dog.  She has a game that she plays, called  "How High Can They Jump."  In this game, Leonor is ALWAYS "it".  She stands at the end of her leash, wagging her tail and inviting people to come over and pat her.  Once they do, or if they approach but just look at her and don't pat, she grins a little and suddenly goes,"WOOOOF!"
  Then she turns, looks at me, grinning from ear to ear as if to say, "Did you see how high that one jumped Mom?"
  One day, she was riding in the back of my station wagon with her head poking out the widow and her tongue dangling and flapping in the breeze.  She was thoroughly enjoying life to the fullest!
  Then we approached two bicyclists on the road.  I hadn't  noticed right away,  but Norry tucked her head just inside the window.  I'm sure she was grinning like a fool as she hid behind me.  (Probably snickering under her breath.)
  At the exact moment that we pulled alongside the guy on the bike, Norry thrust her head out the window and let out with her famous, "WOOOOF!" The poor man held his hand up in front of his face while the bike bobbled on the berm of the road.  He got it together pretty quickly, but I was already yelling at Leonor, "LEONOR!  You could have killed that man!"  Meanwhile, my daughter, sitting next to me, was rolling around on her seat, holding her belly and laughing so hard she could barely speak, "You HAVE to admit Mom, that was preeeetttty funny!"
With her Greyhound Pal-Annabelle
Beauty sleep
Siblngs-Tommy and Leonor
Santa Norry
She even SLEEPS silly!
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Waubun Mr. Moses
Leonor and her best bud, Tia professional photo at PetsMart
April, 2005  Leonor is 9 years young!
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Sadly, in 2008, Leonor was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma in her upper jaw when she had a dental done.  Sadder still, on January 27, 2009, Leonor lost her battle and flew to the rainbow bridge where, I know, her brother, Tommy, and her friends who left before her met her and are waiting with her in sunny green meadows for my arrival.  Leonor was a silly, fun loving, humorous and sometimes a bit cranky greyhound whom I will miss unmeasurably.  I love you sweet Leonor.  Come back and see me sometime, will you?