Jack's first full day at Dragonflyte was spent going to work with Mom. Everyone who met him was both fascinated and in love with him. 
He was terribly confused at first.  When I took him outside to get in the van, he thought he was just going for a walk and he was quite happy.  But when I stopped and opened the back of the van, he dropped his tail, his ears drooped and he gave me this look as if to say, "What do you mean, "Get in the van?  Where am I going NOW?  I just GOT here!"
I tried to explain that we were just going to work and we'd be home tonight.  It broke my heart to think he thought he was getting shuffled some place once again! 
His confusion lasted the entire one hour trip there as he gazed sadly out the window, wondering what was going to happen to him this time.  Once we got to Petsmart, where I work, he was ecstatic! He jumped out of the van, sniffed all over, peed on a tree and followed me happily into the store.
Once there, he had to explore EVERYTHING!
Shopping at Petsmart
First order of business- Meet everyone!  Mom's boss-Marilyn. She's NICE!
Jack was very helpful in the office.  He even cleaned Marilyn's glasses for her!
Then on to Puppy Class!  Jack loved the puppies and the kids loved Jack!  All is right with the world again!
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Jack's new collar and stuff
With my new Mom.  Look! We have the same nose!
One last stop at the parking lot island and we're on our way home again!
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...End of a long hard day!