Our Newest Addition

I have been wanting a Chinese Crested most of my adult life and I finally found the boy!  His breeder is the wonderful Kathleen Sullivan of Six Gems Chinese Cresteds and he is the sweetest little boy!  As of this date, June 8, 2004, he is 8 weeks old and I can't wait to get my hands on him.  I'm going to hug him, and squeeze him and love him forever and ever and....
Here are the pix of the second candidate I had to choose from.  It was a VERY difficult decision!
But in the end, the fluffy mane won out!  Below is the other puppy I had to choose from.
See what I mean??  Difficult decision!
I'm going to call him Loki.   Norse god of mischief.  Am I asking for trouble?
(But idden he just the cutest little thing?)
Six Gems Farms Chinese Crested
Go see Loki's daddy and the other babies at Six Gems Farms!
His name is Six Gems Split Image or as they lovingly call him...Brewster
His first article of clothing!  T-shirt reads, "The Original Boney Island Hot Dog."
I think this one makes him look a little like a mighty Hyena!
Sleepin' with his favorite toy.
He finally figures out how to play with Nadya
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Loki watercolor
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Loki at work
Loki at work
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