Loki....Page Two
Loki attended Dewey Beach, Delaware's Greyhounds Reach the Beach gathering in October, 2004
So of course we had to visit our favorite photographer, Mark Caughel who did wonders with the little guy!
At the beach
New coat first day
What looooong legs!!!
At the motel
Diggin'....diggin'....diggin this hole!
While there, Loki met one of the only dogs there his size.....Marla!  (Jack Russell Terrier)
They're new best buds!
Finally after a week....home at last!  He was exhausted!
He's getting quite large now!  15.8 pounds at the vet's!
He's been hanging around these sighthounds just long enough to learn how to cockroach!
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Loki at work
I had Loki's pictures taken again at 18 months old.  This time at PetsMart.
Loki went with me and Phantom to the beach again in 2006.
Wearing his new 'Surf Pup' beach jacket
What the heck IS that thing?
Shopping with Sister, Phantom in Rehoboth, DE
He even found a new girlfriend at the beach, Snug Fritz!
(One of those boardwalk chippies!)
Then we had some old friends visit us in our hotel room.  Why does Loki look so out-of-place?
It was a VERY long day, Mom!
Christmas Jammies
Loki's little brother, Zim, is here!
Check out his page ~
Loki's very impressive pedigree
Lokis Pedigree
Loki at Dewey 2008- four years young!
We actually got a shot of the dolphins this year-2008!