These are the Hounds of Dragonflyte who have gone to the bridge to wait.
April 27, 1991 ~ January 31, 2003
March 28, 1991 ~ October 21, 2002
September 23, 1990 ~ October 2, 2000
March 16, 1990 ~ April 27, 1999
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Sy at the Bridge

Even though he is flying to the bridge on gossamer wings, I can feel him here with me...all around me....inside my my my feet.
At last the four muskateers of Dragonflyte are together again.  Geno, Hawk and Woody must have been waving their tails furiously as they met him there, smiles on their sweet faces, inviting him to race the wind on the clouds,
jostling and bumping shoulders in good natured fun.  My boys, the four, truly my angels now, running pain free on four long, solid limbs with the wind in their faces and the sun warm on their backs.  Save mamma a place at
the bridge my boys.  I'll be there to join you some day to lead you across the bridge into Heaven.

A Brillant Rainbow   
  by Terri Onorato.  
      High on whispered wings I fly
  a radiant star, I light the sky.
  Toward the sun I soar so free,
  a brilliant rainbow follows me.
  I pulsate through your very soul
  and in my paws your heart I hold.

  The day will come when you'll fly too,
  I'll be here then to welcome you.
  Until the time we meet again
  I won't journey far my friend.
  For in your love I live so free,
  a brilliant rainbow guiding me.   
           Copyright (c)Terri Oronato
  All rights reserved.  Used by permission. 
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April 13, 1993 ~ November 5, 2005
Waubun Mr. Moses
My Heart Will Go On
Celine Dion
"Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."  Wm. Shakespeare ~ Hamlet

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