September 23, 1990`~ October 2, 2000
       Gotcha day: April 15, 1996
Fourth in the series was Hawk.  We called him Hawkie-boo and he was a sweet and gentle soul who loved all people.  He came to us through the foster program of Rainbow's End Greyhound Adoption and Ann Whitney.  He last raced at Plainfield, Connecticut.
  Hawk came here as a foster dog.  We  already had 8 dogs when he came here and I vowed that we would not be keeping another dog!
As I brought him into the house, I announced, "This is Hawk and we're NOT keeping him!"
  Two and a half months later, Harry was lovin' on Hawk and said, "You know....if we give him up now, he'll think we abandoned him!  He's part of the family now!"
  I knew it was going to happen!  I just knew it!  I called Ann and said, "Harry wants to keep Hawk."
  Ann replied, "TELL HIM TO GET A GRIP!  You can't keep them all!"   (Coming from someone who has anywhere from 13 to 16 dogs in her house at all times, I really wasn't offended.)
    And so it came to be that Hawthorn Hawk, a "reverse"blue brindle Greyhound became a member of the Hounds of Dragonflyte.

A couple of years ago, at our adoption groups annual reunion picnic, Ann introduced me to the owners of Lavendar Mist.  "Misty" it seemed was Hawks full sister.  She is also a blue brindle, but not nearly as dark as Hawk was and has more stripes.  Here they pose together with Misty's mom.  They really did have the same head.
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