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Mookie, another nice ole gal, caused a little problem with her name.  Our Doberman, Malachi is nicknamed Mookie, so when ever we called one dog, we got two.
Moon was also a bounce back.  Her family had adopted her 6 months before giving her up.  It seemed that she had a higher prey drive than expected and had killed the family cat.  I found her to be extremely charming and one of the sweetest girls to come into our house.  She was another one I would have liked to have kept.
Fantasy (we called her Fanny) came off of the track as a young girl and was very sweet and willing to please.  We were in danger of keeping her too.  She found her forever home in Northeast PA.
Wolfie came to us as a "bounce back".  He had been adopted previously by a family with several small kids.  He was young and exuberant.  The children it seems, were pretty hard on Wolfie, because he just didn't make it as a "family" dog.  He is now happily installed in his new home with no kids.
Rush Da Turn came from the track and was here for nearly two months.  She was adopted by a woman in Wilkes-Barre and lived there for a couple of years.  The woman, sadly, had cancer and recently passed away.  Rush had been promised to us and we wanted to adopt her, but instead, she was given to a man who lived closer to the woman.  Rush escaped this man's home and was nearly killed on the streets of the city.  Rainbow's End Greyhound Adoption reclaimed her and has adopted her to another nice family in Northeast PA.  We will always think of Rush as "the one that got away."
Gidget came from the track just after Fanny and we had two fosters at once for a short time before another volunteer took Gidget to foster.  She was a petite little girl and a very good girl.
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Oneco Sulky
Dragonflyte has been fostering Greyhounds since 1995 with our first foster, Woody O'Day.  As is more often the case, than not, we kept our first ever foster.  Woody became part of our family only two days after he arrived.  Our second foster Greyhound was Hawk.  (All right, we kept him too!)
  Then Hattie came as a foster and only stayed one night, then went to another foster home.  She was a sweet old girl and I would have liked to keep her here a little longer.  She wasn't even here long enough to take a picture of her.  I will remember her as the first foster we didn't keep! 
  Each Greyhound that passes through our doors is a diamond in the rough.  We'd like to think that we have at least a slight  impact on their lives as we put some of the finishing polish on these kids before they find their forever homes and families.  We would like to present for your perusal some of the fine kids that have graced the Halls of Dragonflyte.
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