Before the Greyhounds, there were Doberman Pinschers at Dragonflyte.  Lots of them.  Adults, puppies, seniors and a couple of rescues.   When  I decided that I wanted my first Greyhound, we still had  four Dobies, an English Springer Spaniel  and two mixed breeds.  Harry wanted to wait until some of the other dogs were gone before adding to the pack, but I was insistant, (and a little pathetic, whining and such), and we got our first Greyhound ~ Sy.  Then came Geno and then Woody, then Hawk.   Over time the pack got whittled down a little and we were left with the four Greyhounds and three older Dobie gals.  One day Harry said to me, "You know, these girls are getting old.  When they're gone,  we'll only have the Greyhounds left."
  Not understanding what was wrong with that, I asked, "Whats wrong with that?"
[When we met, I had a Dobie and Harry was afraid of them.  (Only because of their "reputation.")]

  He answered, "You know how these Greyhounds are.  If anyone broke into the house, they'd show them where the good stuff is and then go home with them!  We always have to have a Doberman in the house!"
(I didn't point out to him that we don't HAVE any "good stuff" worth someone breaking in for.)                     I just said, "We'll have to find a good Dobie breeder, I guess."
  Amazingly enough, my friend called me a few days later saying that she had found a "replacement" certificate from a Doberman breeder from two years earlier.  It seemed that she had gotten a Dobie puppy and couldn't keep it so she took it back to the breeder who gave her a replacement certificate, good for life.  She wanted to know if I knew anyone who would want to buy a Dobie puppy!  I jumped on that because she was charging $250 for the certificate and the breeders prices were ranging from $600 to $1000 per puppy!
   When Harry, Sara and I got to the kennel, we looked around at the puppies and made our choice.  He was the biggest pup in the run!  At eleven weeks old, he weighed 29 pounds and one week later, he checked in at 37 pounds!  Today, Malachi tops off at over 110 pounds!
  He's smart, alert and loves people and protects all the girls in the house.
When Malachi's Dad left us in August of 2002, he took Malachi along and found him a different home.  I sure miss Malachi.
This page was last updated on: October 26, 2008
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