This is our new little Phantom.  We bought her from the Anguish family in New York State and would like to thank them for making the sacrifice they did so that we could have our Whippet....finally!   
  After a long and exhaustive eight year search for a Whippet, fate allowed my friend and collegue, Connie Faldzinski of Great Hound Gifts to find Phantom for us.  For that, I'd also like to thank Connie.  You're a true friend, my friend.
   Phantom is tiny, but mighty.  She has a big dog bark and an attitude to match.  She pushes 110 pound Malachi around and he likes it!  She gets along greyt with the Greyhounds and Nadya, the Borzoi.  But if one of them tries to sit in her chair or lie in her crate, LOOK OUT!
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Phantom's Pedigree
Phantom's Pedigree