My name is Jeanni Davis and I live in beautiful  northeastern Pennsylvania with my daughter Sara and presently 4 retired racing Greyhounds, one rescued Borzoi and one Whippet.  
    I have been involved in sighthounds from a very young age.  My mother bred and showed Whippets in the late forties and early fifties until my brother, sister and I came into the picture.  From that point on, I was hooked even though I didn't have another sighthound until after I was married in 1983.  In November of 1994, I adopted my very first Greyhound, Sy.  Sy was a black male Greyhound who is responsible for my,  passion.....uh...OBSESSION with Greyhounds. We lost Sy on January 31, 2003 to myosarcoma, a cancer of the muscle.
   May of 1995 brought us our second Greyhound, Geno,a tall, lanky brindle boy with a heart of gold and personality to match.  Sadly we lost Geno in 1999 to heart failure.
Geno and Sy
Dewey Beach 1999
In September of 1995, I got a call from Ann Whitney, the president of Rainbow's End Greyhound adoption.  She wanted to know if I could "foster" a Greyhound.  There was an emergency extraction of 100 dogs from the track in Ebro, Florida due to extreme damage from a hurricane that had destroyed the kennels.
Of course I jumped at the chance to bring another one of these graceful, beautiful hounds into my house and told Ann that whatever dog I took home, I'd probably want to keep and she responded by telling me that most foster homes keep the first foster dog.
  This is how Woody came to Dragonflyte.
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Greyhound:   ('grA-"haund)  noun: breed of hunting dog noted for its speed and keen sight. Egyptian tomb carvings indicate that the greyhound was known in the 3rd millennium bc; the dog was known in England as early as the 9th century.
The dog is large, but slender and graceful; it weighs from 29 to 32 kg (65 to 70 lb). The breed is characterized by a long and narrow head; small, pointed ears; bright, intelligent eyes; a broad, muscular, and well-arched back; a deep, wide chest; thin, well-muscled loins; and a long tapering tail with a slight upward curve. It has a coat of smooth, short hair that is white, black, fawn, brindle, gray, or a combination of these colors.

Dewey Beach 2002
Photo by Joy Riley
Photo by Joe Rounds
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